Friday 29 January 2010

Saturday Brewathon Planned

It's been a quiet couple of weeks on the brew front, largely due to the need to tidy the conservatory in preparation for the Sky engineer who fitted the new HD box in the bedroom yesterday.

In the shed I've got my first lager kit, a Brewferm Gold, lagering away in the brewfridge; it's got another two weeks to do at 11 degrees centigrade and will then be bottled and conditioned at 2 degrees.

My wife's hosiery has again been put to good use in the conservatory, this time holding elderflowers for the Wherry kit tweak. I'm also using Nottingham yeast for the first time so I'm making sure fermentation has definitely finished before I rack it into the bottling bucket.

Haven't decided for sure what I'm going to put on to ferment tomorrow; it is a toss up between Munton's Mexican Cerveza which will be down with a Youngs Lager yeast or the Brewferm Pils kit that I've got a specialist lager yeast in for. Saflager S189 was, apparently, developed by the Hurlimann brewery in Zurich. For the uninitiated Albert Hurlimann was a yeast expert of world renown and is responsible for the world famous Samichlaus doppelbock.

Now, I have no desire to produce a 14% ABV beer but I am keen to see what a specialist yeast can do to what is a pretty decent kit.

The other thing I simply must do is get another Chablis Blush kit on. Four and a half demijons of rose wine ready to drink in seven days. Guaranteed to keep me in my wife's good books.

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