Wednesday 21 December 2011

West Coast Stella Mark 2 Recipe

It's a little early to re-evaluate the recipe for a beer which hasn't even had time to condition yet, but I just can't help myself. 

The beer needs a slightly higher alcohol level to balance out the hops and, I think, some caramalt or light crystal to add a little more colour and body. 

To compensate for the extra alcohol, I've upped the late hops by 10g.

Grain Bill (based on 70% efficiency 19L brewlength)

5.5kg Maris Otter
450g Carapils
450g Caramalt
450g Aromatic

10g Stella (16%AA) FWH
10g Stella @ 30mins
15g Stella @ 20 mins
15g Stella @ 10 mins

Protofloc @ 5 mins
US-05 Yeast

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