Tuesday 24 August 2010

Is this the answer to sediment in the bottle?

Sediment in home brewed beer has been an issue for donkeys years. As I'm sure most of you know, it is by product of secondary fermentation and cannot easily be avoided. Until now perhaps. A product called Brodies, widely used in Australia, comprises a sediment trap and bottle cap.

They're reuseable and allow the bottle to stand upside down, therefore collecting all the sediment. You can then remove the trap, leave the cap in the bottle and store your home brewed beer on its side in the fridge or drink it straight from the bottle.

I can tell you more about these but there is an excellent instructional video by an independent home brewer in the US available here which explains things much better.

I could do with trying some of these but the company who makes them is still looking for a UK distributor. So I thought, how about a bit of blog/twitter market research. Home brewers, can you tell me if you think they are a viable option.

Would you buy these so you could either drink homebrew from the bottle or lay it down in the fridge?

Do you prefer sediment in the bottle?

Bearing in mind they are reuseable, spares are available and obviate the need to use crown caps, would you pay,

a: £1 each for these
b: £2 each for these

Or do you think the price differential from using conventional crown caps outweighs the benefits?

Leave a message below. I'm interested to hear what the UK home brewing community has to say.


  1. From that video it looks like it only works on screw-top bottles. Can't find any info on their website though. I'm not all that worried about sediment, so I wouldn't be bothered.

  2. Folks who are looking for a bottle conditioned brew without sediment don't know their beer. I wouldn't spare the time to do this in order to coax a few buddies to drink homebrew. They can man up or bring their own. Kegged beer is easy to clear somewhat organically, but it doesn't age quite as nicely.