Saturday 3 April 2010

An Insight into the Life of a Dozy Brewer.

There are several sorts of brewer but I think I must be the dozy sort; I spent a good hour looking for the lid of my fermenting vessel yesterday so I could put on a second brew (well it is Easter you know) and failed miserably.

This was a bit of a shame really because, my good friend Jim has got hold of some out of date Youngs Brewbuddy beer kits which a number of home brewers on Jim's Beer Kit are coming up with experiments for.

I wanted to do two kits side by side so that, apart from hops, they would have the same ingredients, the same conditioning time, etc. but my own lack of organisation meant that the first experiment was an epic fail, as my teenaged sons would tell me. This experiment involves using rehydrated S04 yeast, 15g of East Kent Goldings in the cafetiere for a hopped tea, a kilo of medium spraymalt and 25g's of EKG's for dry hopping purposes. This one's already bubbling away in the Brewfridge.

Oh and by the way, the lid to the aforementioned fermenter was in the garden on one of the garden chairs. Doh!

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