Sunday 21 February 2010

Foam Party in my Conservatory

Thanks to some excellent advice from some of my brewing chums I've hit upon a way to really get the fermentation kicking off quickly. Here's a pic of my Great Eastern with added Amarillo and Pacific Gem hops. The pic was taken 12 hours after the yeast was pitched.

1. Ignore the calibration of the FV. Completely. I now add contents of the tin(s) enough hot and cold water to give a wort temp of 25 deg C. I then pop the hydro in and pour water in slowly until hydro reads my desired OG - in this case 1042. On this FV that reads 20 litres, on the other one it would read 17-ish.

Rehydrate the yeast. I've started using S04 and rehydrating it at 25 deg C for half an hour before.

Super-aerate the wort with a hand blender. I've picked up one that had a detachable blade shaft that can go straight in the steriliser. It's also got a turbo button which allows me to create a foam party of biblical proportions.

This is the second brew where I've adopted these methods; the first, last week's Almondbury Old was kegged yesterday at 1010, a brilliant result for a 2 can kit, I'm sure you'll agree.

The stocking contains 20g each of Amarillo and Pacific Gem. Clearly I need a heavier weight.

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