Sunday 4 November 2012

AG71 - Toasted Coconut Porter

Pretty much what is says on the tin

This one's all about coffee/chocolate and toasted coconut. I've shied away from roasted malts as I don't want them to detract from the coconut. 

As I write this blog, the beer is currently in secondary with the coconut in a stocking. I'll probably bottle it on Tuesday. 

The beer is a standard brown porter, using S04 yeast and Fuggles at all stages of the brew. Then, after the initial krausen had died down I grated a coconut, dry fried it in a frying pan and popped into a sterilised stocking. 


  1. Not a huge fan of coconut but would be very interested to hear how this turns out. Presume you've had a taste by now? Is this a @PigAndPorter venture?

    (half of @jesusbrew)

    1. Yes, I have had a taste. Pretty pleased with it and we may well use it as a Pig and Porter beer assuming it will upscale.