Thursday 15 September 2011

South Street Ordinary Bitter

I want a decent ordinary bitter, around the 4% mark that I can have a couple of pints of on a school night and still be able to fill in the old mileage return afterwards. I also want to use existing ingredients because money's a bit tight and I only want a cornie's worth.

I've had a bit of a dig around in the freezer (and BeerSmith) and I've come up with this:

19L Brew length

Esitimated IBU 35
Estimated Colour 16 EBC
Estimated ABV 3.94%

Grain Bill

2.6 kg Maris Otter
250g Crystal
250 Torrefied Wheat
150 Crystal Wheat Malt

Hop Additions

25g Northdown (7.2%) 90 min
10g Cascade (5.5%) 30min
30g Saaz (4%) 15min

Starter of 1056 Wyeast American Ale

20g Cascade Dry Hop 


  1. Saaz and cascade together? That's an interesting combo.

  2. Yes, I'm really looking forward to the results. Must be nearly ready for the dry hop. I'm going away tomorrow for a few days so I'll wait until I keg it.

  3. I ended up moving the Saaz to 5 minutes and changed the name to "School Night Ordinary Bitter" because I know I can have a couple of these on the school night as it will be ok.