Saturday 6 November 2010


Just a quick bit of shameless self promotion; I'm going to be doing the first of my brewing demonstrations at Easy Home Brew in Ashford. Nicky and Matt bought the business earlier in the year and, following a website re-brand, they're now stocking a not insignificant selection of homebrew essentials.

As well as the usual hardware, chemicals and kits for wine and beer, they also have a small selection of grains, hops and yeasts suitable for kit tweakers and all grain brewers alike.

I'm booked in to do two demonstrations before Christmas; today Saturday 6th November and again in a fortnight Saturday 20th November. Both sessions start at 2pm and will feature basic kit brewing techniques followed by a Q&A session.


  1. Good luck and don't forget to turn the tap off before you fill the bucket ;)

  2. Hi

    Is next Saturday's session sill on? Do I have to book?

  3. Hi there

    Yes it is - from 2pm and you don't have to book. I'll be covering putting on a two can kit and bottling.