Tuesday 17 August 2010

Latest Brew - Summertime

I'm very pleased to have got this recipe in the cornie at long last. I've been having a bit of trouble with a couple of infected brews and was anxious (and for "anxious" read bricking it) that this pale ale would be similarly afflicted.

I need not have worried; it's not as nice as the Green Bullet single hop beer but it's a good starting point. I used a little Caramunich in this, too little really but the Cascade/Chinook aroma hops come through. It is quite crisp but a little thin.

The original recipe was

4500g MO
240g Torrefied Wheat
100g Caramunch

28g Northern Brewer (90 min AA 8.5%)
23g Cascade (25min 7.6%)
8gm Cascade (5min)
20gm Chinook (0 min)

After consulting with those who know far more about brewing than I, the next incarnation of this beer will have another kilo of pale malt and 500g more Caramunich. The hop schedule will also be radically altered with a lot more late hops going in.

The trouble is, though, by the time I get round to brewing it, we will probably be in November by which time a summer pale ale might seem incongruous.


  1. There's always a place for a summer pale, even in winter!

  2. I often drink so called "winter brews" in the summer so I guess it should follow the other way round. Either way I need to get bottling as all my cornies are full up.