Friday 9 April 2010

My Road To Damascus

Or, how a brewing competition finally tipped me over the edge into All Grain brewing.

It's been a busy week it the world of beer and brewing for me. On Saturday I attended the 5th Planet Thanet Beer Festival where I drank many beers, some excellent like Gadds' Uberhop and Tiger Rut from Millstone, an all Chinook beer. I also met the Eddie Gadd and had an interesting discussion about cricket. Now most of my brewing friends and acquaintances fall asleep when I turn the talk to cricket (as do most of my cricketing colleagues when I talk about beer - or perhaps it's just that I am a boring git). Anyway the upshot of the conversation was that I will soon be off to the Ramsgate Brewery to watch/take part in/clean up after a brewday. I am quite excited about this and have bored my wife about it many times this week.

Then earlier this week I read about the brewing competition being run on Beermerchants blog and thought about how I would love to be a part of that. Then I read through the competition rules and realised that kits, however well tweaked, weren't going to be allowed and that pushed me over the edge.

My plan was always to attempt the conversion in about September this year by which time I would have built a second shed in which to put all non brewing related crap but the competition deadline is in June so I need to find a tarpaulin under which I can store a barbecue, lawnmower and two push bikes until I can afford the shed.

Thanks to those nice folk on the Brew it Yourself forum and other places on the Twitterverse I've got step by step instructions on how to make a 10 gallon boiler, false bottom mash tun and immersion chiller.

Hopefully I can get all these things made over the next couple of weeks and be ready to get a brew on in time for submission to the competition.

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