Wednesday 24 March 2010

Recognition for Blog and Brewer.

Bit of a highlight for little old me in the last couple of weeks was to have the blog mentioned on the sites of bloggers far more superior than I.

Many of you will have visited this blog via Melissa Cole's Taking The Beard out of Beer. Melissa reviewed (very favourably, I might add) my Amarillo IPA. I've got a modified tweak on the go with half the hops so it'll be interesting to see how they compare.

Last weekend I also had an interviewed on Drink with the Wench, which was tremendous fun. Mind you there are some "proper" brewers on there which made me and my kit tweaks seem very humble in comparison. It felt like going for a swim with Michael Phelps whilst wearing armbands.

Back to the beer, tonight I will mainly be bottling my Linthwaite Light. Forty brown (heeding your words regarding light strike, Melissa) beer bottles await and then I'll get round to bottling the lager at the weekend.

With our friend Mr Darling putting up duty on cider, the requests my wife and the teenagers in my household have come flooding (well, trickling) in. I'm currently experimenting with something called THC (to quote Chris Evans, it's not what you think) which is a cider kit made with apple juice instead of water because, now, cider kits will work out cheaper than cider.


  1. Just reading your interview. Are you a Kent Spitfires fan by chance?


  2. Get yourself brewing some Turbo Cider.

    The recipe goes like this:

    Buy 20 odd litres of really cheap apple juice from the supermarket, bung them in a fermenter with some white sugar untill you get the desired gravity. Chuck in a cup of very strong tea (made with 3 or 4 teabags, pulp half a bramley apple and chuck that in too.

    Whack in a yeast starter (or just sprinkle a sachet) and ferment it out to about 1005. Cheap and in my experience not unpleasant.

  3. Hi Chunk, yes I am.

    Pete - have made a number of TC's but only in demijons. Like the tea variation and will have a go. I have to say though, I really hate cider. I'll try it on my wife first!

  4. The tea replaces some of the tannins that you would normally have in the juice from the apple skins.

    TC isn't my favourite, I'd love to able to make decent Brittany/Normandy style cider.

  5. I'm hoping to be doing just that this/next year. Some friends of ours have bought a house in Normandy with apples trees in the garden and cider press and bottle tree full of bottles in the cellar.